Health Effects From Breathing Cat Urine (Feces of Vermin)


When people talk about cats this iswhat come to mind. They love their pets, and their pets accidents and or bad habits. In their universe all is right as long as they have their pet. Owners provide it everything it needs, and clean the liter box. Their pet pisses on the carpet, no problem. The owner run to the store and buy something the claim it remove the stain and odor. Next you clean up while your cat watches on.

Whet happens when the owner tries of the smell and the clean up, they share with thier neighbors. As the owner of the cats, you are not CONCERNED with AIR QUAILITY. YOU LOVE YOUR CAT, AND MATTER HOW UNPLEASANT THE ODOR YOU INHALE THE FUMES. No matter if you have ONE CAT OR THRITY CATS WITH TWO LITTERS ON THE WAY. THE SMELL IS ALL THE SAME TO YOU, BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOUR CAT!!!! WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT TP MENTION THE UTLIMATE SMELL. ALL MEN CAT MARK WHAT HE THINKS IS HIS. That is the shrunk smell in the house which makes you vomit. When a male cat sprays. A sewer pipe smell better. There nothing like the fumes of male spraying.

As you and your 30 plus cats get older. You move your cats bedding to the garage nd pollutants in the air, You never admit that your health has been effected from inhaling that nice strong odor that your cat make is very unpleasant.
VERMON!! Litter boxes smell 39 plus cats smell. If you where the neighbor of 13910 Sausalito Road San Leandro, California it would be your problem. Your neighbor has wonderful ideas. She will share 39 plus cats feces with you and the neighborhood. She cleaning litter box, knowing that her cats would go out door. How nice of you to share your areas around your house with her VERMIN. Her cats make a mess out of areas like flower beds Now before you say, 'Ah the kitty's'. Do the math 39 plus cats going in the flower bed under your bedroom window at least 4 times a day for three months. You do not see the cats making their messes. Now it is winter and the first rain comes. What does your house smell like. It is call cat piss and you what it removed. You go and talk to your neighbor which refuses to do anything. The cats keep coming when are at work and sleep. Do not worry is gets better, your heath will get worth,

Now let's share

Here's six
Here is four more
3 more
2 adults and two kittens
The vermin count is eleven. in these pictures there are thirty plus vermin that reside at this San Leandro California home, There are no liter boxes and the food on the front porch So where is the liter box?

Here is the litter box you house. Your flower beds door area or other place will be used. If you do not see them you do not known it is happening..


Cat urine contains ammonia, which is a major cause of the strong smell. Ammonia can be dangerous, but it is a naturally occurring compound. While ammonia is found in soil from bacterial processes, it is also produced in the human body. Ammonia is used to purify water supplies, as a fertilizer, a refrigerant gas, and in the manufacture of plastics, fabrics, pesticides, dyes and explosives.


High Concentration

Ammonia itself is not the problem, it is the concentration. Most dangerous is pure ammonia in liquid form, also called anhydrous ammonia, not in solution with water. This form is only maintained at high pressure or at very low temperatures. It is corrosive and destructive to cells. Otherwise, ammonia mixes with water and is properly called ammonium hydroxide. Ammonium hydroxide (commonly, "ammonia") used for industrial purposes has a high concentration of about 30 per cent by weight. It is considered corrosive and hazardous


Sense of Smell

Exposure to strong ammonia over time can cause a loss of the sense of smell. You may experience this if you work with ammonia. You ignore it thinking it thinking it is something that you need to find and clean. The ammonia starts to burn your eyes. Most people have computers so they automatically think it is eye fatigue and you met need glasses. WW! that big business. You do not need them , but you are going to buy a pair just to be sure. You do not own a cat so you do not look at the flower bed.. The cat urine keep building up


The other big business. Your sinus finally inflamed and go crazy. You need med's of some type. So remember that computer. Go look it up your concerns on bogs and forum.. These are not Doctors there people that have opinion just like your and mine, These site are free and full of B. S. But you find the information that you think you need and you buy the drugs. The vermin will continue to make deposit s around you house and you will continue to have health problems.. People who are very sensitive, have allergies or severe respiratory problems such as asthma may seem to react. Next you start having nose bleeds. and you do not know why.. Buy other pill that does not solve the problem..

You start to notice the following. When you realize that the vermin during the night, or when you are not home are damaging your property. When you confront the vermin owner . Now you are going to fight, What you do not know, is you are along, DO NOT GIVE UP!
this door has been tagged by a few cats. the spray and piss or still on the door.  
We are renting tenants of this hose. in San Leandro California on the same street as the vermin above. Our unit is two doors down.. Our landlord was noticed in.2011 about the vermin problem by letter, We tried baking soda bleach, and other safe get rid of vermin products. Nothing we purchase form pet to the hardware stores worked. So we stopped The picture of the door area happened over one weekend while we were gone. Following is our solution.
This was the first try The vermin piss and sprayed the box.

This so;ut ions restrict the vermin from reaching the door. Protecting the owner property . The owner has not respond to our request. to resolve this problem.. The property owner failure to respond after the first six months can only state the the property owner accepts the vermin behavior, and is force us the tenants to live under unacceptable conditions.

California Civil Code Section 1941.2 states that the property owner is responsible for the vermin clean up. The property owner failure to comply is showing clearly that they do not care for the need of the tenant just the happiness the the vermin. Which make one believe that the property owner owner has pets, and thinks the vermin.

Fencing the whole yard off what stop the vermin using the the flower beds as a bathroom.

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